First, its a Challenge.

It is a challenge to consider how you can financially support God’s work through The Bridge in a meaningful way between now and the end of the year.

Second, its an Opportunity.

It’s an opportunity to help The Bridge Church start 2020 strong, with the resources that will enable us to impact the lives of people both inside and outside the walls of our church.

To give to Now and Next, please click one of the following links below.

Then under “destination” please select “Now and Next.”  Thank you for partnering with us!

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    Why are we doing this?

    Amazing things are happening at The Bridge. People are encountering Jesus, many for the first time. Lives are being changed. Marriages are being healed. Families are growing stronger and closer. We are all about continually connecting people to God and to each other. Having the financial resources to broaden and deepen our impact even more is a major priority for us. This is your opportunity to help make that happen.

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    Why are we doing this now?

    This is the time of year when our attention is focused on giving. We buy gifts for family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues. We give to causes that matter to us. What better gift is there than a gift that helps bring the life changing message of Jesus to people? This is also the time of year when we prayerfully develop our plans for 2020. Our children and youth ministries are exploding. We are a growing church. We want to enter into 2020 with the resources that will enable us to start the year strong so we can maintain the great momentum that we currently have in these critical areas. Friends, we have to be proactive and diligent in laying the foundation for the next generations.

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    How much money are we trying to raise?

    The goal of Now and Next is to raise $100,000 between now and December 31st. This will enable us to end 2019 strong and also prepare early for what is next at The Bridge in 2020. We believe that we can meet this goal if everyone prayerfully considers making a generous gift to God’s work at The Bridge between now and the end of the year. Our gifts may not be equal, but our desire to partner with God and our sacrifice to be a part of this can be. Everyone has the opportunity to be part of this.

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    What are you asking me to do?

    Most importantly, pray. Prayerfully consider making a financial gift that is both sacrificial and meaningful to you. Ask God to give you wisdom and to guide you in this decision. We will be sharing more about Now and Next in the coming weeks, and we’ll tell you how you can make your financial gift by December 31st.