Student Life

Here at The Bridge Church we place a HIGH value on creating environments where our students can be themselves while exploring God.  We do this through 3 different avenues:


1.  The MIX.  The MIX is a mid-week group that meets on Tuesday nights (middle school & high school) with the intention of having a space where kids can walk in and be themselves, be in an environment where they feel comfortable to invite friends, build friendships and bonds through group games, and to hear and discuss about relevant topics and see what God has to say about them.  We believe students are more vulnerable to be authentic, to put masks away, to talk about what matters to them, and to have an open heart to the Gospel when they laugh, play games, and interact with leaders that show them the Love of Christ!


2.  Sunday Morning Teen Class (10:30am – 11:15am only).  Mostly every Sunday we gather both middle school and high school together just before the message and teach them some deeper biblical truths about their lives and their environments.  This time is intended to get deeper into the stories that God gave us about His Love and Redemption for his children.

3.  Trips and Outings.  Our experience has been that students are more open to the truths of the Bible and the Gospel when they are building bonds in a community that continues to give acceptance and love.  We have seen students come back changed from the encounters they have with God through these trips!

4.  Student Ministry Life Groups [Coming soon].  Although we are not there yet, we know that life change happens in circles, not rows.  We are currently building to launch life groups for students where they get to be in smaller groups, laugh and share their stories, and read about this God that loves them so much. 


In this age of increased technology and social media we are seeing that as social media use goes up, social skills and depth of relationships go down and depression rises.  We believe that God never intended for us to do this life alone.  This is why we believe NOW more than ever is the perfect time and place for students to get involved in The MIX!  Would you partner with us?  Would you make every effort to make The MIX night a priority for your students?  

If you have further questions or concerns about The MIX please feel free to email Clai Williams at [email protected]



THE MIX – Middle & High School Night
(grades 6-12)
TUESDAYS @ 6:00p – 8:00p at The Bridge CLC (270 Franklin Ave, Malverne)


Teen Class 
SUNDAY MORNINGS @ 11:15AM (Students break out with the class leader following the worship)


To get on our weekly calling list for The MIX to confirm the meeting or for cancellations, or for any more info please call us @ 516-561-8101